Monday, May 5, 2014

Neon Nude


I've been inspired from old pictures from the summer and of girls on Pinterest who always get dress for warm weather who have tan skin wrapped in neon clothing. There's something so eccentric about the neutral skin tone with electric neon colors that completely catches the eye. I experimented with this idea (without tan skin) through nude nails with neon accents.

I created a paint splatter/somewhat French/very sloppy style with my neon color. Thin, geometric designs on top a sleek nude base would also be a great technique.

Dresses and rompers are my absolute favorite summer fashion go-to. They're easy to slip into and usually very comfortable. Spice one up by shrugging on a blouse or vest. Sheer blouses add the best feminine touch.

blouse: paper crane
dress: poetry
shoes: forever xxi
bracelet: forever xxi
earrings: wet seal

Aside from tanned skin or neon nails, neon and nude pair very nicely in your wardrobe too. A pair of nude shoes with a neon-accented outfit are a subtle way to make a bold statement.

You should always top any outfit off with a bright shade of lipstick. That's a rule.

- nali xo

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