Thursday, May 8, 2014



I finally got back on my thrifting game this week and brought home some goodies :)

My favorite find was a light-wash denim Uniq high-waisted skirt. You know when you buy something that just fits better than anything else exactly like it? That's what the case is with this skirt. It's a perfect length, perfect fit, comfortable... obviously I had to buy it. It was a little more expensive than most of the stuff in the store ($23) so I googled the brand to see what was so special about it. It turns out the brand originated in Japan in 1984 and has since evolved into a chain of worldwide stores. The company is highly involved in giving back to organizations such as 'Clothes For Smiles', "UNIQLO Recycles' and Special Olympics and they are firm believers in treating their employers, vendors and anyone else who works for them with the utmost respect. You can't feel guilty about buying from a company like that, can you?! To learn more about the company visit their website. And now, to show off my new threads. 😝

tank: ed sheeran official merchandise
belts: wet seal
shoes: jlo @ kohl's

I thought I could safely say I coined the 'double belt' trend that I randomly decided to put on to cover the thick band of the skirt until my mother crushed my dreams. Apparently that was already a trend before I was born. I can't be accountable for things I don't know about. I'm still gonna pretend I made it up. You should try it too.. it feels fancy to wear two belts.

blouse: poof!
headband: urban outfitters
shoes: free lance

tee: h&m
scarf: target
hat: auchan
shoes: enzo angiolini

- nali xo

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm super super excited because I found a pair of great new sandals for the summer ALREADY ON SALE. I have no idea what magician or logic is behind this but somehow, there are bRAND NEW shoes that are appropriate for the impending season and they're already on clearance. This is a big deal, people. Anyways I found them at Target so if you're interested in sandals you know what to do. 

I love these specifically because the gold portion that covers your foot isn't really a material but more of a piece of art shaped to your foot. 

Sandal Report Card
Presentation/Decoration: A
Comfort: A
Shape: A
Support: A

Now there's a report card to take home and be proud of. I find these beauties are a little on the dressy side so I embraced that in my outfit choices. Here are your three multiple choice options:

A. Urban Boho 

shirt: target
romper: marshall's
belt: wet seal
headband: forever xxi

B. Girly Grunge

blouse: urban outfitters
shorts: marshall's
cardigan: express

C. Cheetahlicious 

tunic: forever xxi
belt: target
bows: forever xxi
bracelets: forever xxi
ring: buffalo exchange

Luckily for you, there's no way to fail this test. Go grab yourself a $9 pair at Target now and dress up in these styles or however else your little heart desires.

- nali xo

Monday, May 5, 2014

Neon Nude


I've been inspired from old pictures from the summer and of girls on Pinterest who always get dress for warm weather who have tan skin wrapped in neon clothing. There's something so eccentric about the neutral skin tone with electric neon colors that completely catches the eye. I experimented with this idea (without tan skin) through nude nails with neon accents.

I created a paint splatter/somewhat French/very sloppy style with my neon color. Thin, geometric designs on top a sleek nude base would also be a great technique.

Dresses and rompers are my absolute favorite summer fashion go-to. They're easy to slip into and usually very comfortable. Spice one up by shrugging on a blouse or vest. Sheer blouses add the best feminine touch.

blouse: paper crane
dress: poetry
shoes: forever xxi
bracelet: forever xxi
earrings: wet seal

Aside from tanned skin or neon nails, neon and nude pair very nicely in your wardrobe too. A pair of nude shoes with a neon-accented outfit are a subtle way to make a bold statement.

You should always top any outfit off with a bright shade of lipstick. That's a rule.

- nali xo

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finger Bling

I have way too many rings. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. I collect rings like some people collect postage stamps and I would be lying if I said I was sorry about it. If you're anything like me, anytime you see something round and shiny that catches your eye, it's all you can do to not buy 20 of them. When you have enough rings to fill a jewelry display it can be difficult to know what dosage to wear them in. I am here to help all of you with your burning ringlet questions. Your day is officially made.

(None of these rules I'm creating are certified by any sort of ring organization. I am simply making them up and feel free to call me out or riot against me if they are wrong/do not make sense)

GBD ring rule #1: It's OK to mix silver and gold together. As long as you don't overdose and keep the ratio of gold to silver somewhat even, you're solid.

GBD ring rule #2: One oversize/chunky ring per outfit. If you want to make a statement with one of those huge costume jewelry rings that turn your finger green I am 100% on your side. But wear two on one hand and the deal is lost; you will look like a six year old girl playing dress-up with her plastic toys. 

GBD ring rule #3: You can never have too many midi rings. It's as simple as that. They're meant to be stacked so heap em on!

GBD ring rule #4: Get quirky with it. Rings are a simple and subtle way to be the OPPOSITE of subtle. Rings come in the most amazing and interesting designs so go out and find some!

GBD ring rule #5: Rings can make up for a lacking manicure (like mine today). It's true. If your finger candy game is strong, no one will notice your nails aren't painted. It's like when you don't feel like putting on makeup and just make your hair look really nice...these things make up for each other.

Great places to buy rings like these are
- forever xxi
- urban outfitters
- aldo
- consignment stores like buffalo exchange

((Sorry for the iPhone quality photos today, guys))
- nali xo

Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Strap on your battle shoes, ladies.. it's the season for serious fashion combat. 


Gladiator on Polyvore

This post is almost solely to help contain my excitement for gladiator sandals of the summer and my agony for how badly I want a pair. I'm probably being dramatic but you have to agree that they're gorgeous shoes. Hopefully you all share my enthusiasm for these strappy beauties so you can join the club that includes people like Selena Gomez, Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna. 

Once warm weather and bare legs come out, what will you be wearing? Who will have the best dressed feet this summer? Will it be Rita? Halle? or You?

- nali xo

Monday, April 28, 2014

SO soft grunge


Nail art enthusiasts: I discovered a great new nail art method on Pinterest the other day that I am SO excited about! As opposed to normal manicures that require perfectly smooth and polished top coats, this approach is exactly the opposite. For all you grungies out there, here is a new plan of attack that I think will suit you and your style.

This trick is so simple it's a wonder it's not done more often. Usually, waiting for nails to dry is torturous but this technique completely skips that never-ending step and allows clumsiness to be at your advantage. I personally found makeup remover took away all the nail polish so for my own third step, I took a paper towel and dabbed and scraped where I thought necessary. If you take too much off at once it is easy to reapply small amounts of polish where you think looks most grungy. 

vest: wet seal
jacket: target
jeans: abercrombie 
belt: target
shoes: no name
earrings: buffalo exchange
rings: urban outfitters, buffalo exchange, flea market

Of course the best way to compliment grungy nails is through a grungy outfit and what better way to portray that role than through a distressed oversized denim vest? I find it's still a little too chilly out to wear only vests as outer garments so it's a good thing a vest that is a couple of sizes too big leaves just enough room for an actual jacket underneath. 

Grunge isn't limited to all black clothing, ripped jeans and Converse. I'm a huge fan of denim on denim and the distressed look of the vest gives just enough 'rebel' atmosphere without looking too punky. 

- nali xo

Friday, April 25, 2014

Storage Wars

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I'm still very excited for summer. I've taken the extra step to try to start switching out my winter clothes for summer ones into my closet. If you haven't already I'm sure you'll all be doing the same very soon. Don't pack everything into those dusty attic boxes just yet though. There are quite a few winter staples that can be reincarnated into summer clothes too! Here are my fav 3:

dress: forever xxi
flannel: goodwill
boots: sears
bandana: michael's

To me, this endorses itself! You don't necessarily need to be wearing a flannel for warmth to be wearing it. There are also plenty of 'flannels' that aren't actually made of flannel that you can throw on over a tank unbuttoned on those cool, summer nights... ahhh...

tank: wet seal
overalls: target
flower crown: urban outfitters
jewelry: various flea markets, accepted as gifts and one bracelet is from Urban

Long overalls can easily be transformed into capris by rolling up the legs (obviously) or buy yourself a pair of short overalls. The main point is to wear killer shoes and jewelry to feel cool in more ways than one.

vest: polo @ goodwill
tee: forever xxi @ buffalo exchange
bracelets: forever xxi
shoes: marshall's
I don't think I need to convince most of you ladies to keep these babies around. Leggings, although tight and warm, are the perfect solution to almost any outfit problem and when it's raining or a little cooler than usual, you'll want to be comfortable. Clearly they're a perfect fit. Keep the summer vibe going with muscle tees and tanks or an oversized vest on top of your simple black leggings. 

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