Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm super super excited because I found a pair of great new sandals for the summer ALREADY ON SALE. I have no idea what magician or logic is behind this but somehow, there are bRAND NEW shoes that are appropriate for the impending season and they're already on clearance. This is a big deal, people. Anyways I found them at Target so if you're interested in sandals you know what to do. 

I love these specifically because the gold portion that covers your foot isn't really a material but more of a piece of art shaped to your foot. 

Sandal Report Card
Presentation/Decoration: A
Comfort: A
Shape: A
Support: A

Now there's a report card to take home and be proud of. I find these beauties are a little on the dressy side so I embraced that in my outfit choices. Here are your three multiple choice options:

A. Urban Boho 

shirt: target
romper: marshall's
belt: wet seal
headband: forever xxi

B. Girly Grunge

blouse: urban outfitters
shorts: marshall's
cardigan: express

C. Cheetahlicious 

tunic: forever xxi
belt: target
bows: forever xxi
bracelets: forever xxi
ring: buffalo exchange

Luckily for you, there's no way to fail this test. Go grab yourself a $9 pair at Target now and dress up in these styles or however else your little heart desires.

- nali xo

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