Thursday, May 8, 2014



I finally got back on my thrifting game this week and brought home some goodies :)

My favorite find was a light-wash denim Uniq high-waisted skirt. You know when you buy something that just fits better than anything else exactly like it? That's what the case is with this skirt. It's a perfect length, perfect fit, comfortable... obviously I had to buy it. It was a little more expensive than most of the stuff in the store ($23) so I googled the brand to see what was so special about it. It turns out the brand originated in Japan in 1984 and has since evolved into a chain of worldwide stores. The company is highly involved in giving back to organizations such as 'Clothes For Smiles', "UNIQLO Recycles' and Special Olympics and they are firm believers in treating their employers, vendors and anyone else who works for them with the utmost respect. You can't feel guilty about buying from a company like that, can you?! To learn more about the company visit their website. And now, to show off my new threads. 😝

tank: ed sheeran official merchandise
belts: wet seal
shoes: jlo @ kohl's

I thought I could safely say I coined the 'double belt' trend that I randomly decided to put on to cover the thick band of the skirt until my mother crushed my dreams. Apparently that was already a trend before I was born. I can't be accountable for things I don't know about. I'm still gonna pretend I made it up. You should try it too.. it feels fancy to wear two belts.

blouse: poof!
headband: urban outfitters
shoes: free lance

tee: h&m
scarf: target
hat: auchan
shoes: enzo angiolini

- nali xo

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