Friday, April 4, 2014

This Week in a Nutshell

I am very pleased to welcome you all to my first Friday wrap-up post!! Please hold your applause until the very end as it is distracting to the photographs and drawings. (;


Here is #manicuremonday in my imagination vs. in real life:

And here is how I imagined I would dress up with nails as fancy as these. For pink lovers only, obviously.

Love Me

Monki pink top $21 -, Paige Denim denim skinny jeans, LeCrown laced up boots, Givenchy round handbag, Feather charm $48 -, Dolce Gabbana dolce gabbana jewelry $380 -, Ball earrings, Headband bandana, River Island Girls cream frilly socks $4.15 -

Although the white heart accent is a bit subtle, I find it is a great twist on a typical statement nail. It doesn't overpower the manicure and brings an even more feminine touch to a soft, powdery color.


#ShoesdayTuesday this week was one of my favorite pairs of shoes I've ever seen. These Belinda cutout suede sandals are so sophisticated they could very easily pass as wedding footwear and shaped in a way that pairs with jeans easily as well. They were an absolute pleasure to draw and would be even more of a pleasure to slide my feet into (as if that would ever happen). As I'm on this dream boat here is what I would wear with them if I ever got the chance:

Vine-y shoes

Red hi low dress / M2Malletier top handle leather handbag / Michael Kors crown jewelry / Magnet jewelry / Stella Dot stella dot bracelet / Michael Kors golden earring, $81 / Circle scarf, $41


Rihanna has just recently won CFDA's Fashion Icon Award for 2014 and I'm not confused why. Riri has a style all her own and somehow manages to make anything she wears look flawless and effortless, a dressing trait many of us strive for. Here are some of my favorite looks from this fashionista: 

Denim on denim on denim is a SERIOUSLY hard look to pull off but you'd never know it when you see Rihanna dressed like this.

This is probably the first and last pair of jeans designed like this that I will ever see and I'm so glad she was the one to wear them.

As if red isn't hot enough as a color already

This is my favorite color combo I've seen on our favorite diva and Wednesday's pencil-drawn inspiration. 

*Silently spends the rest of life with crossed fingers hoping to get on Rihanna's fashion level one day*


I have a knack for finding the best slogan tees and tanks when I go thrift shopping and this week was no exception. What first caught my eye at Buffalo Exchange was the American Apparel tag on the collar (for anyone who doesn't know, AA shirts are comfy enough to die for) before I realized the funny slogan written across the chest. For anyone who doesn't already know (shame on you) a Birkin is a type of bag designed by Hermes usually valued at more than my entire life's worth. I will probably never be able to call one of those bags my own, but at least I'll be able to cry about it in my new tank.

One of the gorgeous bags in the flesh, erm, leather.

And now that it's #FlashbackFriday, here is a link for Britain's top vintage fashion brands for you to chew on. I stumbled upon this gem of an article a few days ago and was more than pleased with the brands on the list. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did. Have fun reminiscing on the styles of the past, I hope it will inspire you for your own trends of the future.

- nali xo

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