Monday, April 14, 2014

Cuppa Coffee

Because I am Catholic and because I love coffee, I've spent the past almost 40 or so days not drinking coffee as my little humble sacrifice. However, I will repeat how much I LOVE COFFEE. Easter is next Sunday so it isn't long before my one true love and I are reunited but until then, I have found a way to (somewhat) satisfy my coffee cravings through my #ManicureMonday nail art.

(No there's no coffee in the mug or on my nails. That is, in fact, brown nail polish even though it would be nicer if it tasted like coffee)

shirt: delia's
pants: wet seal
belt: desy-d

Spring is (finally) here and I'm whipping out the floral prints to celebrate.

The back of this sweater is really dainty and I'm obsessed. Even though the cardigan is a little warmer than is usually necessary in the spring, I live in New England so A. it is perfect for the weather and B. it's a light color so hopefully no one will look at me funny.

Coffee lovers: indulge. You have no idea how hard cutting yourself off is.

- nali xo

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