Friday, April 25, 2014

Storage Wars

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I'm still very excited for summer. I've taken the extra step to try to start switching out my winter clothes for summer ones into my closet. If you haven't already I'm sure you'll all be doing the same very soon. Don't pack everything into those dusty attic boxes just yet though. There are quite a few winter staples that can be reincarnated into summer clothes too! Here are my fav 3:

dress: forever xxi
flannel: goodwill
boots: sears
bandana: michael's

To me, this endorses itself! You don't necessarily need to be wearing a flannel for warmth to be wearing it. There are also plenty of 'flannels' that aren't actually made of flannel that you can throw on over a tank unbuttoned on those cool, summer nights... ahhh...

tank: wet seal
overalls: target
flower crown: urban outfitters
jewelry: various flea markets, accepted as gifts and one bracelet is from Urban

Long overalls can easily be transformed into capris by rolling up the legs (obviously) or buy yourself a pair of short overalls. The main point is to wear killer shoes and jewelry to feel cool in more ways than one.

vest: polo @ goodwill
tee: forever xxi @ buffalo exchange
bracelets: forever xxi
shoes: marshall's
I don't think I need to convince most of you ladies to keep these babies around. Leggings, although tight and warm, are the perfect solution to almost any outfit problem and when it's raining or a little cooler than usual, you'll want to be comfortable. Clearly they're a perfect fit. Keep the summer vibe going with muscle tees and tanks or an oversized vest on top of your simple black leggings. 

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