Monday, April 28, 2014

SO soft grunge


Nail art enthusiasts: I discovered a great new nail art method on Pinterest the other day that I am SO excited about! As opposed to normal manicures that require perfectly smooth and polished top coats, this approach is exactly the opposite. For all you grungies out there, here is a new plan of attack that I think will suit you and your style.

This trick is so simple it's a wonder it's not done more often. Usually, waiting for nails to dry is torturous but this technique completely skips that never-ending step and allows clumsiness to be at your advantage. I personally found makeup remover took away all the nail polish so for my own third step, I took a paper towel and dabbed and scraped where I thought necessary. If you take too much off at once it is easy to reapply small amounts of polish where you think looks most grungy. 

vest: wet seal
jacket: target
jeans: abercrombie 
belt: target
shoes: no name
earrings: buffalo exchange
rings: urban outfitters, buffalo exchange, flea market

Of course the best way to compliment grungy nails is through a grungy outfit and what better way to portray that role than through a distressed oversized denim vest? I find it's still a little too chilly out to wear only vests as outer garments so it's a good thing a vest that is a couple of sizes too big leaves just enough room for an actual jacket underneath. 

Grunge isn't limited to all black clothing, ripped jeans and Converse. I'm a huge fan of denim on denim and the distressed look of the vest gives just enough 'rebel' atmosphere without looking too punky. 

- nali xo

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