Thursday, April 24, 2014

But First.....

Let me take a #SELFIE

I know, I know. It's a stupid song and the fact that I'm take mirror selfies with a DSLR is also stupid but listen. Summer is close enough that if I reached out far enough I would feel the warmth. Just stepping outside doesn't have the same effect so I'm confined to my bedroom playing dress-up in my summer clothes. The sunshine has me inspired (although not warmed) me and has me thinking about what it is exactly that I plan to spend my summer in. I've been fishing around stores and my closet and discovered these are my three favorite things I can't wait to wear this summer.

shirt: forever xxi
vest: forever xxi
skirt: candida

I found this ballerina tutu-esque skirt in Italy for 5 Euros in a little grungy boutique. I'm still trying to decide exactly what kinds of things to wear with it but it's so fun and different that it makes the challenge quite worth it. I also saw a dress like this in Urban Outfitters (on clearance too) attached to an overall top for all of you who think I'm crazy; I swear these do exist outside of theater costumes.

Backless dresses

love culture

brandy melville

There's something so great about a dress with a fancy back. Even if the dress itself is plain in design or pattern, once you turn around you'll have everyone watching your back (ha ha). Dresses like this scream summer through all the holes and openings so I'll be taking full advantage the second the sun wants to cooperate with my style.

Printed shorts
jacket: forever xxi
tee: who knows I got it at D.A.R.E lolz
shorts: forever xxi

Since high-waisted bottoms came back in style a year or two ago I've been noticing stores getting more and more creative with the patterns they put on their high-waisted shorts. I've decided I'm thoroughly impressed, especially since they've been becoming more and more comfortable as the trend lives on. Comfortable, stylish shorts and french fries are all anyone really needs in life. 

- nali xo

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