Monday, April 21, 2014


Thank god for nail polish brands that make it easy for you to be creative. 

I recently discovered Revlon's 'Shiny Matte' nail art polish which gives you an entirely new manicure effortlessly. It is a double sided tube, one side containing matte nail polish and the other side containing shiny polish. The shiny side has a much slimmer brush to allow for easier access to design. Here's how I played around with it:

Silver and black are a classic couple that many people seem not to appreciate and keep them apart. I am determined to reunite these two colors in love with a subtle and not too fancy heel-worthy outfit.

When I was about 15 years old, I thought anything worth wearing would need to have sequins on it. Now that I know that is very far from the truth, I hesitate to dress in sequins at all. There is a happy medium, however, and as long as the sequins are simply an accent and not the main focus, they can be tastefully worn. 

Just because you are planning on a night out on the town, does NOT mean you must sacrifice your comfort. Loose rayon pants are all the rage these days and they look cute and classy without the discomfort of having to worry if they need to be pulled down (like a skirt) or adjusted at all (like jeans). They are also a killer pair with heels. If you can find a high waisted pair of rayons, you've already got half of a winning outfit and the other half can be easily completed with a crop top. Crop tops will look more dressy than you ever expected when they don't show too much skin and aren't worn with jeans or shorts.

Loosely knit sweaters are a great way to create layers and texture. Whatever you're wearing underneath shows through just enough to make a huge statement or none at all depending on how you wear it.

- nali xo

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