Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dancing Shoes

Prom season is quickly approaching and I'm sure there are lots of you stragglers out there still scrambling to find your dress or last minute accessories. Everyone knows that the focus of prom is what dress you choose to wear but I'd like to switch the focus downward. Prom shoes get so easily ignored because they are generally hidden beneath gowns, but they can change the entire feel of your dress and style for that special night. Let's accent those dancing feet, ladies!

If you just can't find the right color or style yet, take these options into consideration.

free lance

Finding a pair of shoes that matches exactly to your dress can be impossible. Get a pair of simple pumps in either a metallic gold or silver (depending on the color of your dress) and own the dance floor.

forever xxi

Patterns take a solid-colored, not-so-ritzy dress to a whole new level and don't necessarily need to be animal spots. Stripes, aztec patterns, floral or abstract patterns can help dazzle under your simple prom pick.



For all the grungy prom-goers, wearing a dress doesn't necessarily mean you need to be formal. Converse have been the classic alternative for prom-going rebels since proms were invented (probably). If you're daring enough to sport these to the big night I would suggest high-tops. Feel free to match them to your dress (Converse makes every color ever invented) or not! I would say stick to solid colors for these babies, you wouldn't wanna overdo it. History also shows prom sneakers are best worn with short dresses.

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