Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boston Strong

As everyone should know, on this day last year our sacred Boston Marathon was viscously attacked resulting in three deaths and over 260 injuries. Two pressure-cooker bombs exploded just near the finish line on Boylston street about 12 seconds and 210 yards apart. The two terrible conductors of this violent act, two brothers, didn't stop terrorizing Boston at the marathon. Three days or so after, the brothers highjacked an SUV, shot an MIT officer and engaged in a gunfire fight with Watertown police officers. One of the brothers was killed and the other eventually taken into custody, but today should not be spent thinking about them and their coldhearted and thoughtless acts.

Today is a day of remembrance and respect for all the first responders and people who came together to help the fallen and injured. We should spend at least a moment today thinking of how although this event was tragic and unnecessary, it showed the world just how strong Boston is. The people of Boston were not scared or terrorized the way these two selfish men hoped they would be. Instead, this event brought forward the many heroes of the city who donated their time and energy for the recovery from this event whether it be one of the many runners who finished the race then went straight to donate blood, or the people taking the blood of all those wonderful people who donated in the weeks following the marathon or even the people who created charities to raise money for relief. It seems as though everyone in Boston gathered together and helped in their own way and it is no wonder that this year's marathon is expected to be 9000 runners stronger than last year. The people involved in the marathon and all Bostonians alike can not be terrorized out of their home or traditions and today is dedicated to all of us. All the people who were injured and are still recovering from losing a limb or their hearing, all the people who suffered emotional trauma or lost a loved one and all the people who were not directly affected but still share the spirit of Boston: today is for you. Don't let those terrible men take anything else away from you.

 I am of course sporting my city's colors today and you should too.

- nali xo

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