Monday, January 20, 2014

Tie It All Together

A very happy Martin Luther King Day it is today, as it is every year because of the monumental effect one man has had on our country and it's history and future. I tried to wrack my brain to come up with some kind of Martin Luther King theme for #manicuremonday and I hope you'll all accept my sincerest apologies when I say I couldn't come up with anything :(. Instead I tested out an idea I have had for awhile. 

Manicures tend to be either one solid color or pattern or have some kind of statement nail. I wondered what would happen if I tried to transform my nails into a replica of one object over a full hand. 

This 'ribbon' covers the whole hand and ties up at Monica's middle finger. 

cardigan: forever xxi
tee: aeropostale
skirt: wet seal
leggings: sears
sneakers: converse

The outfit I chose doesn't have too strict of a theme, just a monochrome color scheme matching the ribbon on Monica's head. Today's outfit was mainly just for fun on our day off!

Even if you think putting a ribbon in your hair is too childish, styling it the right way could just be the next chic accessory for an outfit.

- nali xo

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