Friday, January 17, 2014

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For the next few weeks, I've decided to spotlight on the gorgeous people who have modeled for Good, Better, Dressed so far. For the next three weeks or so, I'll hand Friday's post over to those fabulous models and ask them to show us what their absolute favorite thing in their closet is and why. Today we'll hear from Monica, Briana and Tatiana. 


"My favorite thing in my closet is my navy wool cardigan. It's awesome because it's the perfect color to throw on almost any outfit and it's nice and warm. The length is great too because it's longer in the back than the front. I especially love the elbow patches!"


(italian boutique)
"This is my favorite thing because I love the way it fits me. Peplum is so flattering and great for dressy and casual outfits."

(free people)

"This is a new shirt I just got and I haven't even worn it yet but it's already my favorite. It's so comfy because it's a peasant-style, flowy shirt but it's fancy enough that I can call myself 'dressed up' while I'm wearing it."

- nali xo

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