Tuesday, January 21, 2014

As I raided my mother's shoe closet for the lucky pair of shoes that would headline in this week's #shoesdaytuesday post, I wondered what to do to make the most basic or normal pair of shoes stand out. My mother has amazing taste in shoes, so it wouldn't be difficult to find a pair of beautiful shoes, but what are beautiful shoes without good taste in how to wear them? Since my mom has a much more classy and dressed-up style than I do, many of her heels are just that; dressy. My challenge to myself was to make her very dressy shoes fit in with my laid-back, somewhat grungy style. 

The shoes in question:

(forever xxi)

My personal touch: 

Yes, I know, I'm wearing a skirt but if you can honestly look at this and tell me I look fancy and dressed-up, we need to sit down and have a serious chat. 

My mother would obviously never wear skeleton tights (that I know of) or a belly shirt (again, you never know people can surprise you) but I think I've accomplished my mission in trying to make the shoes more versatile for us both, don't you?

shirt: mezzanine @ buffalo exchange
skirt: h&m @ savers
tights: urban outfitters
headband: vintage
watch: kohl's

Here are some less grungy ways to wear them that don't necessarily scream business casual.

shirt: forever xxi
pants: one clothing
necklace: florida airport gift shop

blazer: rue 21
shirt: mossimo
pants: xhilaration
bracelet: forever xxi

My favorite part about these shoes that I stole is the way the front comes completely up like a pair of booties would, and then opens completely on the side. The style is a breath of fresh air for you and your feet!

- nali xo

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