Thursday, January 2, 2014


British week continues as we carry on raiding Alex Bell's closet and picking her brain. We're honored to be the reason she wears this new dress for the first time and talks about why she loves it.

"This is my favorite kind of dress because it's flowy at the bottom so you can dress it up to wear at night and dress down to wear during the day."

"Remember those socks your mum used to put on you when you were little and dressing up? I think it's so posh to wear a pair of those now with a grown-up outfit. It adds a certain flair to an outfit you can't get with plain or no socks."

"I just love matching my shoes with my lipstick. You can almost always wear any color shoes you want, really, if you balance the color out with something up top. Lipstick is my favorite way to do that."

dress: topshop
collar: forever xxi
socks: topshop
shoes: sears

"These little collars that aren't full blouses are so convenient especially in a tighter dress like this one. I go crazy for collars."

Don't we all just love the pattern of this dress too? Sometimes what may look like a pattern we would never consider on a dress could turn out to be your new favorite, so don't hesitate to try something new on. Last time this pattern was seen, it was on a screen printed sweater on Neil in the Santa Clause and look how far it's come.

- nali xo

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