Friday, January 3, 2014

Holding Up the Fort

As I'm sure you've been catching on if you've read the rest of this week's posts, collars are a big part of British fashion. You've seen Alex first pair one with a dress and now a 'jumper'. Will you help carry the trend over to America? After being snowed in, we decided to create the best fort ever where Alex poses for her shoot.

Alex's beloved Topshop frilly socks have also made it to the blog for the second day this week. Why, you ask? Just because the socks are dressy doesn't mean they need to be worn that way. Sneakers can get a bad reputation from people who don't like to dress down but pairing frilly socks with high tops or other Converse can completely change your look. 

Add a simple bow to a braid or even a down-do for a girly, elegant look.

Hopefully this themed week has given a little culture to all the people who couldn't physically travel this holiday season. How will you add England to your closet?

- nali xo

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