Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It's a new year. Everything that happened last year has helped shaped you into the person you woke up as this morning. The good times have created memories, and the bad have taught you lessons. You are not your past, and yet it has built you. Today is the beginning of a whole new year to create and destroy as you wish. While you're living through all these memories, you'll be taking lots of photographs, and in those photographs, you'll be wearing certain clothes. The clothes you wear during an important part of your life are part of the memory. Make sure it's something you'll want to remember. 

Alex knows how important what you're wearing can be and tells us her fashion resolutions of 2014.

1. "No more neon pink mascara like the time i was 13 and thought i was cool. Trends like that go in and out of style and just because everyone else is doing it, does NOT mean it actually looks good. No more trend- following.. I'm taking charge of my own style."

2. "More dresses and less pants all the time. Dresses are so fun and feminine and it is so easy to choose comfort over style but once in awhile, dressing up is the much better choice."

3. "I will try to shop around in different stores instead of always just Topshop because i'm running out of clothes to buy there."

4. "Expensive is not always good, cheap clothes can be just as nicely worn. This is kind of a double resolution.. fashion and lifestyle. I can save myself some money and wear different kinds of clothes at the same time."

Here's wishing you all the best of the best new years possible. Make and break lots of resolutions and may all your dreams come true :)

- nali xo

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