Friday, January 31, 2014

Models' Feedback: Week 3

I present to you the final trio of GBD models giving us their own fashion feedback and a small peek into their own wardrobes.

Taylor Attea as seen in 'Make Love Not War'

(free people)

"I love this top because it's so versatile with the seasons. It's just a simple, flowy, light material with a few perfect details (of course because it's Free People). I love wearing it in the winter with jeans and a long sleeved top under it, dressing it up with a tank dress, or over a bathing suit in the summer! So comfortable and can instantly spice up any outfit!"

Sabino Castelluccio as seen on men's week

'This sweatshirt is my favorite thing in my closet because it is so unique. I bought it for a reasonable price of $30 (a steal!) in the surprisingly astounding men's section Forever XXI has. I always love buying clothes that no one else has and most guys don't even think twice about Forever's men section. It has a cool pattern on the hood, pocket and strings. It goes really well with pretty much anything, especially jeans. The buttons on the sweatshirt give an option of keeping it preppy with all the buttons up or leaving them open and combining with a flash of a bottom layer."

Lindsay Somerville as seen in 'Save This Tip for a Rainy Day'
(forever xxi)

"These are my favorite boots ever! They go up past my knee which I'm obsessed with and they make the most casual outfits just dressy enough."

I always love hearing from my models after I've spent time choosing what they wear. Every single person I have shot has unbelievable fashion sense and gorgeous clothing. I can't wait to see what the next handful of shoots will look like!

- nali xo

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