Monday, February 3, 2014


Groundhog Day was yesterday and (surprise, surprise!) our little friend, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow, meaning that we have a lovely six more weeks of winter ahead of us. Because most of us East Coasters have probably had it with snow and winter I decided to brighten up this week with lots of vibrant colors and do a rainbow spectrum over the next five days. Each day will feature an outfit based entirely on one of the typical colors of the rainbow scale (yes it's a slow news week but we had fun taking the pictures I promise). 

Alex Bell has been settled back in England for quite some time now, but the last two shoots we did with her before she left are tucked into this week. Here she is representing shades of red

blouse: topshop
skirt: international
sweater: primark
boots: topshop

I wish I could take credit for this outfit but it is completely hers and she put it together herself. I never thought a loose sweater over a flowy skirt would look good until Alex introduced me to the idea with these clothes.

 (thinking about sunshine and warmth)

Every time Alex gets dressed I consider moving to England just to spend all my time shopping because her clothes are that fabulous, so if you can ever order clothes from over there or even go visit, I highly recommend it.

- nali xo

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