Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Js On My Feet

We all have that friend who can pull off the 'basketball sneaker' look effortlessly and fabulously. Needless to say, I am not one of those people. The friend I have under that title is Sarah Hodson. She's so into the Jordans and Nike high-tops, in fact, that she managed to find herself a pair of Air Jordan sneaker heels for more feminine occasions because she dug the style so much. 

Sarah obviously looks rad, but wear these kicks with caution, ladies. These heels are not to be taken lightly! They do not I repeat DO NOT look good with whatever you throw on top of them. They must be styled carefully, coordinating colors and genre very intentionally.

These heels and any shoes with lots of color always perfectly compliment all black outfits with accents of the shoe color in small items of jewelry.

shirt: zara
leggings: underarmour
sneaker heels: wholesaleshoesclearance.com

This particular style of sneaker heel is difficult to find online because of the uniqueness of them. The pair I finally found is on wholesaleshoesclearance.com and at 'wholesale shoe clearance' price, the shoes are valued at $80. Please keep that in mind when buying shoes like these since they probably won't be worn too often. 

Other styling ideas:

pants: aeropostale
shirt: abercrombie
denim shirt: vintage
necklace: ralph lauren @ buffalo exchange
bracelet: urban outfitters
hat: nike

shirt: kenar
vest: dakota blues
necklace: kohl's
bracelet: target
ring: buffalo exchange
pants: bebe @ buffalo excahge

If you decide on a more colorful outfit, make sure there is a good, spread out balance of black or other neutral colors, like in costume jewelry bracelets and rings.

- nali xo

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