Monday, January 13, 2014

Black, White & Purple All Over

ATTENTION ALL GO-GREENERS, ENVIRONMENTALISTS, AND NEWSPAPER READERS. We (the worldwide fashion and beauty committee) have found YET ANOTHER way to reuse newspaper. I'll give you a hint about it: it's a way that will help you with a creative #manimonday production. Anyone who's never heard of 'newspaper nails' prepare to be dazzled and all you suckers out there who have, I apologize on behalf of all us trend-slow pokes. 

Newspaper nails are probably the best manicure concept I've found so far for two reasons: 1. It looks awesome. Brainy, even. And 2. It's so easy a fashion-conscious caveman could do it. All you need for this trend are
1. a light base coat color
2. rubbing alcohol (or cheap vodka) ((for only people who are of age))
3. any newspaper or printed article of your choice.

Unfortunately, I can't take credit for this idea, but here's a link to the place I learned about it.

In the spirit of those lines of serif font that accompany our Sunday morning coffee and sleepy eyes, I've interpreted into fashion the best way I could think of: lines and letters.

blouse: forever xxi
sweater: charlotte rousse
pants: target
boots: street fair

And as always, a pop of color in the statement nail and boots (don't you all know me well enough to know I need color by now???)

Read on, fashionistas. Those words hold potential for never-ending ideas.

- nali xo

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