Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coachella 2014

For all you hippies and indie free spirits out there, you know why this week is important. About 6 days ago, the lineup for Coachella 2014 was released and it seems like the group of musicians gets better and better each year. Anyone who didn't already see it, feast your eyes on this

For those of you who don't spend your time prancing around in a valley to eccentric music, forehead encircled by flower crowns, Coachella is a music festival that happens for a weekend once a year in the springtime in Indio, California. The headliner performers are usually popular bands with lots of other groups and artists who may or may not be played on mainstream radio. The fan base of this festival are just as star-studded as the lineup, with celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Alexandra Ambriosa attending every year. 

Although the music is obviously the most important part of the festival, what people wear to this event comes in as a very close second. There is usually a 'best-dressed' list of celebrities from Coachella after the weekend is over. Here's how people tend to dress

^^ (this picture was in Vogue!!)

As you can see, the style is exactly my taste. Although I can't say I'm in the lucky group who has attended (yet) I hear that it's a very mellow scene with cool people and great music. 

Because I don't have a grand to drop on tickets this year, I decided to pretend I do and made up a few outfits that might be suitable in comparison to the fashion choices of Coachella's regulars. 

You gotta have the floral print at least one day of the weekend

shirt: delia's
overalls: target
shoes: candies @ kohl's
headband: claire's
bracelet: forever xxi

headband: michael's
vest: forever xxi
shorts: vintage
boots: doc martens
bracelets: street fairs, forever xxi

button down:
shirt: eyeshadow
shorts: sans soucy
boots: le blosom collection
hat: auchan

And lastly, for any of you lucky ducks who get the chance to go to Coachella, here are the fashion essentials you MUST have 

A sick pair of sunglasses

(pac sun)


A regular scarf to be worn as headwear


Some kind of flower crown 

(urban outfitters)

Have fun dressing up for Coachella or just dressing up for fun, flower children.

- nali xo

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