Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Britannia Rules the Waves

#shoesdaytuesday on this lovely New Year's Eve features our favorite Brit in her country's colors. As previously featured on Good, Better, Dressed, Converse has a HUGE selection of colors and patterns printed on their famous kicks. These particular high tops are from Converse's British flag line, fur-lined and perfect for the cold start to a new year. 

 "It's funny to see our flag as a pattern on clothing here. At home, only the American flag is used for patterns.. we love each other so much we've swapped flags!"

"I REALLY love the lace on the back of this top! In England, sometimes when you wear too much lace and show off too much skin, it can look trashy, but this top makes it look classy somehow."

shirt: forever xxi
sweater: silence & noise @ urban outfitters
pants: jennyfer
shoes: converse

- nali xo

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