Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Like Big Boots & I Cannot Lie

Although flat riding boots are making a popular name for themselves on feet everywhere, I still think it's important to show some love to the chunky heeled boots of the world. We all come in different shapes and sizes and (should) respect that, why not give the same entitlement to our boots? There's something about a heeled pair of boots that no flats anywhere could ever compare to...a certain womanly feel, if you will. They will always remind me of wobbling around in my mom's too-big boots back in the days when my feet were no bigger than a size 12. Now, my feet are big enough to be entitled to shoes like these of my own, but the idea of stepping into something that stand for an idea much bigger than me remains. They make me want to play dress up!

blouse: mossimo @ target
vest: xhileration @ target
pants: bebe @ buffalo exchange
necklace: nordstrom
bracelet: forever xxi

shirt: forever xxi
sweater: say what?
skirt: urban outfitters

Playing dress up in my dictionary includes mixing patterns most people wouldn't, wearing "summer clothes" in the winter and generally just breaking all rules I've ever been told of.

sweater: love change
shorts: vintage
tights: target
earrings: forever xxi
bracelet: forever xxi

And for people who aren't ready to break any rules just yet, all black clothing is always a good policy for accentuating a great pair of boots. Shorts with tights can tend to give an outfit a more casual look but pairing boots like these with it allow for a polished, if not professional aura instead.

- nali xo

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