Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fur the Love of Fashion

Many trends have been labeled as 'high fashion' or 'elite' because of how expensive they are to make or how much they are worth. Sometimes these trends are justified and other times, not so much. Many people might say there is nothing like the smell of a good pair of genuine leather boots or the feel of a high-grade fur coat, but at what cost? As always, trends like fur are a personal taste thing; some people may find it ugly and use that as a reason not to wear it while others may choose not to wear it for animal rights reasons. Either way, I don't think it would hurt anyone to consider the concept of faux fur. If you just can't get enough of that fuzzy warmth, there are many brands that make faux fur duplicates of the real things, and for the people who don't even consider fur as a trend, those fake pelts may just be the next new thing for your winter wardrobe. 

Here are ideas to wearing 'fur' the right way:

shirt: mossimo @ target
scarf: vintage
pants: mossimo @ target
bracelet: flea market
leg warmers: american eagle outfitters
boots: old navy

Try some kind of furry scarf as the main accessory to an outfit. Colors help to bring out the texture in the 'fur', especially warmer colors like red and orange.

jacket: american eagle outfitters
pants: burton
shoes: sam & libby @ target

Find a 'fur' jacket? Awesome! You don't have to remind yourself of an older, rich woman when you slip your arms into one of these as long as you put a 'younger' twist on it. Think some kind of graphic tee or tank with patterned or textured pants.

jacket: t.j. maxx
sweater: sonoma
pants: aeropostale
boots: de blossom collection

Put a new twist on a 90s classic when you wear a furry-collared jean jacket. You'll get that super cool kid look while still keeping warm. My favorite thing to pair with a jacket like this is a great pair of khakis.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped you all think to twice about our furry little friends :)

- nali xo

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