Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm Back!!

Hello hello welcome back I've missed you all dearly. I'm genuinely sorry for the pause in action but seeing as it is the Christmas season (9 days until Christmas!!!) I did have certain gifting errands to take care of. There are still only 24 hours in a day (as far as I'm aware of) so regretfully I was unable to take care of everything at once but now I'm back and the next few weeks I have planned are hopefully going to be better than ever! Let's get right back on track for #manicuremonday!

If you live in the New England area you've already gotten your dream (or nightmare) of snow in the weeks before Christmas. Even though snow can be a nuisance depending on who's ridding of it, it's always a beautiful thing to look at. When fishing through my nail polish drawer (yes I have a whole drawer of nail polish) I came across an abandoned bottle of silver shatter. (For anyone who doesn't know, shatter is a nail polish color that, when applied, begins to self-chip in certain places so when placed over another nail polish color, replicates a "shattered" look.) Shatter is underrated in my opinion, especially in silver and I realized that by layering it over a solid blue color, the effect imitates a frosty window. This is a simple and effective way for all you lazy manicurers out there to join in the spirit of the season.

I'm obsessed with this royal blue color I layered under the shatter and took the opportunity to center my outfit around it.

If you ever feel as though there may be too many shades of the same color in one ensemble, DON'T! As long as it is, in fact, the same color and you have one element of black or other base color to 'ground' it, the more, the merrier!

blouse: burlington coat factory
sweater: missoni @ target
scarf: marshall's
leggings: target
leg warmers: wet seal
boots: free lance

Stay frosty!

- nali xo

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