Monday, December 2, 2013

Good, Bro-tter, Dressed

It's the first day of Good, Better, Dressed's first ever men's week!

I am super excited about delving into the world that is men's fashion and have a whole week planned full of celebrities, not-so-celebrities, trends and unexpected fashion victories. Don't worry.. we'll have the people who care most about what their men wear weighing in too.. it never hurts to have a second opinion while getting dressed sometimes! 

Today's post will be a small introduction to men's fashion from the elite, while meanwhile giving you all a little something to drool over.

Best dressed male celebrities (in the eyes of Good, Better, Dressed) 

Because I look at this kind of content on the internet in my own free time almost every day, I can't say I acquired this list only for the sake of the blog. I've always admired the style of these five men and once you finish this post I think you will too.

1. David Beckham is the ultimate men's fashion icon. He is always completely put together in a classic and elegant ensemble. You'd think sweaters and suit jackets would get old after wearing them so often, but this man somehow finds a way to make his look fresh every time he pulls one on. Plus one thousand fashion points for the velour/corduroy blazer ^^.

2. I can list a handful of people screaming because I included Harry Styles (some for different reasons than others) but boy band persona and mesmerizing curly locks aside, this boy knows how to dress that skinny little body of his. He isn't afraid of quirky patterns and we all know we wish our boyfriends wore those little ankle boots he suits himself up in more often. We never see any bad hair days (if he even has them) because of the many types of hats he wears, and I've never seen one person find so many ways to wear a flannel shirt. I'm not surprised though, he's got style in his name.

3. You can't help but love Robert Pattinson 's sense of style, if for no other reason than his array of different colored suits he wears to all his big, fancy events. This, to me, shows he isn't afraid to color outside the lines and stretch the limits to a 'black tie' event. Each suit is paired with equally stylish footwear and tailored perfectly so that the eye focus is a very colorful Rob and not just the suit, just how it should fit. Not many people can pull off the the colorful fitted suits, but it doesn't mean not everyone should try.


4. I've put Jude Law into my 'dressed up while still seemingly looking casual' category. Even in a fancy suit and tie, he still looks relaxed and his street wear includes jeans and sneakers but is in no way dressed down. My favorite thing about Jude's sense of style is the uniqueness to it. Not many people could wear a plain white v-neck under a suit and still look 'event-ready'. I also applaud his use of sneakers without looking boy-ish. Hey Jude, don't be afraid to keep dressing you like only you know how...we approve!

5.  Last but certainly not least, my personal favorite of the group, Joshua Bowman. This guy may be all business on ABC's Revenge, but he's shown us through his clothes that all work and no play makes Josh an unfashionable guy.. so he strays away from that. From bright colors, to denim shirts with ties to split arm suits, it's safe to say no one could easily imitate Josh and still look just as good. He's putting as much effort into his wardrobe as his successful career and it's paying off.

Since all you males out there now have inspiration.. go out and shop like a celebrity! Later this week I'll be posting about where to shop to find the best deals and who carries what you're looking for in fashion.

- nali xo

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