Friday, November 29, 2013

My Favorite Holiday

I hope you're all reading this because you're so tired from your long day of Black Friday deal-stealing that you flopped down on the couch, exhausted, and opened up your computer to keep you from falling asleep. For those of you you didn't go shopping today (slackers) I have the low down on all the awesome stuff I saw today in downtown Boston. As promised, I have a break down of all my favorite pieces from each store and a few really good deals that stood out for me. 

First stop: Marshall's

This was where I spent a majority of my time shopping. Marshall's and T.J.'s always have awesome deals so this was obviously the place to warm up with bargain hunting. 

Here were a pair of shoes that definitely caught my attention. If the pattern weren't enough on it's own, the interesting iridescent color change on the heel speaks for itself. Only at Marshall's will you find great designer shoes like this on the clearance rack.

(Ivanka Trump)

Another designer steal: Marc Jacobs's twist on a striped skirt. The hard vs. blurred lines and almost vibrating look give indication to a heart rate monitor and the lines it makes.. very eccentric. 

(Marc Jacobs)

Stand out. Period. This probably would've been a good choice to wear out today so my mom wouldn't always have to keep calling my phone to be able to find me. 

 (Kenneth Cole)

Although not a huge name brand, Sans Soucy has been taking over my closet lately with all it's unique and fashionable styles. This is a simple maxi dress with overall inspired clasps at the top. I would definitely have a fun time layering different things over and under this bad boy.

(Sans Soucy)

Although I had never heard of Zigi Girl until today, I applaud their breaking away from the basic black combat boot and what most other designers have interpreted it into (usually something adorned in spikes and studs). The distressed texture and surprising sky blue color on the right give the combat boot less of a combat feel and more of a classic, urban one.

(Zigi Girl)

 I just love the way Levi jeans fit and these jeggings made me love the brand even more. The dip-dye look takes a regular light-washed pair of jeans into a cool-colored adventure. The abrupt switch between the two colors should be loud and unflattering, but instead it looks creative and refreshing. Of course the price is under $20.


Riding boots are always a must to get you through the winter. I just loved how the buckles on this pair of boots was down by the ankle rather than at the top, and how just because those buckles were moved, it didn't make them look like cowboy boots. The slight heel is also an awesome touch.


Next stop on the excursion, H&M. 

I had lots of trouble finding things with ease because of the huge mob who had the same idea as me, but that didn't stop me from being able to see the things that jumped out at me on their own.

I'd normally think a lip necklace would be tacky, however I'm obsessed with this chain. 

They may look like sweatpants, but these slacks are a tweed material, bunching at the ankles and giving a slight ballooning by the crotch. What tricksters those H & M designers are.

This may be a very simple crew-cut sweatshirt, but I've never seen the focus of a sweatshirt be on the sleeves in this way before. The two tigers on the arms rather than the chest or back intrigued me.

Third stop: T.J. Maxx

You can quote me on this; punctuation as a pattern is geek chic and what this skirt is trying to say is way more interesting than your middle school english class.

(Diane Von Furstenberg)

I know these are very 'Britney, circa 2001', but I'm interested to see what these babies would look like paired with something more 'now'.. like a denim shirt or oversized sweater?

(Alice & Olivia)

((Here's one of those deals I was excited about))

I don't know about you but a uniquely designed pair of heels in this gray color you can wear with anything for under $25 sounds more like a miracle than a Black Friday deal to me.

Another wonderful deal provided by T.J.'s was this:

All this jewelry was under $30. We're talking jewelry not only worth gifting, but also something you'd see and want to buy for yourself. Some of the gems on that table included Lucky Brand wrist wear and earrings and bracelets made with Swarovski elements. Deals like this are called robbery on any other day of the year.

Stop #4: so good jewelry

This place is not a very famous costume jewelry store, however today was the perfect day to stumble inside for the first time. Although most of the bobbles they carried were a little pricey, the entire store was 50% today so I was able to get my money's worth. They carry basic geometric shapes on necklaces and bracelets as well as funky designs like this safety pin necklace. The ring selection was AWESOME (I'm addicted to rings) and I bought a ring with a wishbone charm. If you've never heard of so good I suggest you change that so soon.

(There's an upstairs too!!!)

Last stop of the day (aren't you getting tired just reading this?): the one & only Macy's

In my opinion the best deals of the day were there in the world's biggest department store. 
$130 cashmere turtleneck sweaters were knocked down to 69.99 and the crewnecks were $40, Rampage boots usually ranging from $60-$70 were marked down to $19.99 and junior's wool coats were $34.99 when usually $89.50.  For all Macy's crazy deals, click here to check out their entire online catalogue of offers. 

Change your mind about not going out? You still have a few hours before the day ends.. go go go!

- nali xo

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