Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Week: Day 2


You all know the deal: it's Tuesday so I will spend an entire post talking about a pair of shoes and how awesome they are. It's mouth watering for all the shoe lovers out there and more than that, it's a tradition. Just like Thanksgiving. See what I did there?

This particular pair of boots is perfect for the fall, Thanksgiving especially. See what I did again? This color, texture and style of shoe is the answer to all your troubles about what to wear to family dinner, or the parade you might be attending or whatever else your fab little self decides to do on Thanksgiving. They're one of a kind and come from a fabulous French shoe company called Free Lance from Rautureau Apple Shoes


The iridescent-y color of the shoe makes for an exciting twist to a regular style of ankle boot. Any kind of outfit, no matter  how boring or basic, can be pumped up a few levels of excitement with these babies. 

This oversized, baggy sweater contrasts perfectly with the tightness of the boots.

sweater: zoa new york
leggings: pink @ victoria's secret
leg warmers: vintage
necklace: target

Don't feel like you have to wear only leggings with tighter styles of boots.

blazer: forever xxi
top: elle @ kohl's
necklace: ny & company
watch: urban outfitters
pants; boom boom @ t.j.maxx

sweater: forever xxi
necklace: forever xxi
bracelet: target
socks: vintage
skirt: buffalo exchange

Remember, Thanksgiving is a great time to get dressed up (before changing into turkey-eating pants) and shoes are the key element in being dressed up. Time is ticking to find the perfect outfit for Thursday! 

t-2 days !

- nali xo

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