Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Old School Cliques

After much research on the style and overall theme of classic Pilgrim and Native American fashion, (in the fashion world and through real Pilgrims and Native Americans) I have created my own personal take on outfits inspired by them. Who better to be inspired by than some of the most important people in our nation's history? 

shirt: love culture
belt: kohl's
head band: vintage
pants: bebe @ buffalo exchange
leg warmers: wet seal
shoes: nine west

It's all about the black and white for this theme. The peplum shirt imitates the white Peter Pan collars worn by classic Pilgrims while the buckles on the belt and shoes assume the role of buckles that could be worn on a belt, shoes or hat. 

short-sleeved sweater: sweater project
sweater: guess
lace tank (underneath): eyeshadow @ marshall's
necklace: flea market
pants: peace love @ kohl's
mocassins: target
headwrap: pac sun

For my Native American style, I've found that lots of layering of shirts and loosely knit sweaters in a particular kind of crochet design gives an earthy feel completely relevant to the Native Americans. Earth tones work best and shoes shouldn't be anything too extravagant.

It's funny how the Pilgrims and Natives were kind of like the hippies and preps of the old days, isn't it?

- nali xo

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