Friday, November 22, 2013

Overall, I'd Say These are a Good Choice

Remember when your days were carefree? When you could run around at the park and have no cares about being a sweaty mess? Even getting dressed was better back then; you never worried if someone liked what you were wearing or not and if you were lucky enough that your parents let you dress yourself, you took full advantage of that. One of my favorite things I used to adorn myself in were my denim overalls. When I was a kid I had at least three pairs (corduroy, pink and denim) and it was a good day when my mom laid those suckers out on my bed for me in the morning. Easy to get in and out of because of convenient buckles, and obviously good looking because, come on, who doesn't look good in a one piece? We all thought the days of overalls ended when the day our ankles popped out of the bottom came. But fear not, my friends! Just like everything else in the fashion world, overalls have made a comeback!

Celebrities are doing it, so it must be right, right? Anyway ever since I found out clothing stores were making overalls in adult sizes again I have been trying to get my paws on a pair. Unfortunately, my search is still underway, but imagine my excitement when searching through Briana LoRusso's closet this week to find what else but a great pair of overalls hanging in there like stars hanging in the sky. After being a little rusty on my overall styling, this is how I decided to wear them.

overalls: forever xxi
sweater: marshall's
scarf: wet seal
leg warmers: wet seal
boots: doc martens

The first obvious choice would be to put some kind of patterned long-sleeved shirt under the overalls and tights or leggings if you'd freeze your legs off otherwise. Mixing patterns is obviously my fav so I had to do that as well.

A less obvious styling is to put a collared blouse or shirt underneath with a cute textured cardigan/sweater over the outfit. Combat boots are almost always a must.

shirt: wet seal
sweater: forever xxi
boots: target

shirt: forever xxi
leggings: forever xxi
boots: steve madden

 Next step: finding a store that carried the classic long overalls... this post will be continued!!

- nali xo

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