Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

The happiest of happy Thanksgivings to all you Americans and any others who aren't American who like to follow in our gluttonous tradition. :) I'm so happy and thankful for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in my life and my stomach is thankful for all the food prepared for me today and everyday. I'm praying for all the people who aren't as lucky as I am and hoping they get a full stomach today if not on any other day. 

I know most of you won't be spending today on the computer so I'll make today's post quick and to the point. I've created a mini fashion guide to Thanksgiving keeping in mind traditional activities usually performed on this annual Thursday: some kind of Thanksgiving day parade, a high school football game, and Thanksgiving dinner. 

THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE: be sure to dress in layers and heavy layers, at that. Uggs are the warmest choice, but if you dare to be dressy with more stylish boots, wear layered socks underneath too... it's cold out there for us New Englanders!

scarf: mossimo @ target
sweater: forever xxi
boots: free lance

THANKSGIVING DAY FOOTBALL GAME: again, think about warmth. If you're sitting on bleachers, your bum will get cold so bring blankets! And show your school spirit with layers of patterns and sweatshirts as a trick to keep warm while still looking chic.

boots: ugg
leg warmers: wet seal
jeans; forever xxi
flannel: buffalo exchange
sweatshirt:  amazon
beanie: ssur

DINNER WITH THE FAM/FRIENDS: here's your chance to shed a few layers and trade your pants and leggings for a skirt or dress with tights. This holiday is, what I consider to be, the last chance to show off your fall colors before Christmas and winter trends comes storming in. Stick to warm and earth colors and never stray away from oversized sweaters with skirts. As long as you can bunch the sweater up a little at the waist,  you won't look dumpy and wedges complete the look.

sweater: vintage
skirt: american eagle outfitters
tights: payless
boots: jlo

Happy Thanksgiving and happy eating! Shout out to all the vegetarians out there who are celebrating turkey day without the bird, and buon appetito to all!
Tomorrow's post will be a little different than normal as I will test my luck out on the streets of downtown Boston for Black Friday. I won't post until tomorrow night and in that post I will include all the great items I saw in stores and the best deals stores offered. If you too are venturing into the stores please stay safe and may the odds be ever in your favor.

- nali xo

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