Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Laced Up

Briana LoRusso returns as a guest model today for #ShoesdayTuesday! I have to say the shoots for today were some of my favorites for the blog so far... Briana is a fantastic model! She was also nice enough to let us raid her closet for this shoot! 

Shoesday Tuesday this week is focusing on a lovely pair of  black stiletto lace-up booties from Kohl's. Before any of you stop reading because you A. can't balance in heels or B. think you can't pull off stilettos, A. start doing yoga and B. stop thinking so negatively. These shoes don't need to be worn to a club, an A-list party or anywhere fancy at all. If you know how to dress them up and down properly, these kinds of bootie heels can become a perfect winter staple for the 2013-2014 season. 

I've conveniently created three totally different styles templates for these shoes so you can see what I mean about the versatility of the shoe. You're so welcome.


Booties are sometimes a better choice than boots (I never said that) because of the way you can layer legwarmers or socks to give them volume. Legwarmers with boots are merely an extension of the boot, leaving less room for the eye to explore. Try maroon or cranberry legwarmers and outfit accents.

sweater; forever xxi
dress; brandy melville
leg warmers: wet seal
necklace: target

(((She's just happy she hasn't fallen over in the shoes yet)))


This look is definitely worth pouting over

Let your adventurous side come out; pair funky patterns with vintage ones for a totally updated look.

sweater: vintage
jeans: kohl's
headwrap: forever xxi


 Who says you can't feel at home in a great pair of heels? As long as the pattern is sophisticated enough to change the status of your pants from 'sweatpants' to 'party pants', cotton slacks aren't a problem at all. These Justin Bieber-esque balloon pants are perfect for a night out or night in, depending on your plans (;

crop top: forever xxi
pants: forever xxi
necklace: wet seal
bracelets: forever xxi
ring: wet seal

Aqua accents on a black outfit are ALWAYS a must. I don't care who you are or where you're from, BUY AQUA COLORED JEWELRY. 

Happy strutting today, divas.

- nali xo

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