Monday, November 18, 2013

Hit the Road

A very happy #ManicureMonday to all you lovely people out there. I was lucky enough this week to have a guest model on the team. Say hello to the beautiful Briana LoRusso! She'll be a guest one more day this week and you'll see how different all the looks she'll be wearing are, but for today, her look is strictly 'live to ride grunge'.

This week's mani is for all the car enthusiasts out there in the outernet. Roads, traffic lights and street signs cover Briana's nails probably more nicely than they do the actual roads. Here are her rider threads:

The spotlight flatters her, doesn't it?

Think you're not hardcore enough to dress grungy? Think again. Just because you think you have a set 'style' that you can't stray from doesn't mean it's true. Getting dressed in the morning is deciding who you want to be that day. If you're feeling a little extra hard-nosed one morning you should dress to fit the part! No one will judge if you decide to wear all black with a leather jacket and some extra eyeliner. Just wear what you want to wear because YOU want to wear it.

sweatshirtL forever xxi
jacket: sans soucy @ marhsall's
pants: forever xxi
belt: forever xxi
shoes: target
necklace: forever xxi
headband: urban outfitters

 There's no cooler place to hangout on the weekends but the back of a pickup truck right? 

- nali xo

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