Friday, November 15, 2013

Too Cool For School

Khakis, ties and knee socks.  Anyone who ever attended catholic/private school knows the struggle of not being allowed to wear a jacket in school on the coldest day of the year because it didn't have the school name on it, or going berserk whenever a tag day was announced for the following school day. This is the life of a schoolboy/girl restricted from proper self expression, and it is a grievous one. Talk about a horrible flashback. However, I've noticed recently that high waisted plaid skirts are coming back in style from when they were cool for 5 year olds on Christmas Eve. And what do you know, I've got about 4 of them still hanging in my closet because I was forced to wear one every day for 12 years of my life. There probably won't be a better feeling for anyone in the same situation as me than to vandalize their uniform in the best way they can: accessorizing to the point you'd have year long detention for uniform exploitation. Here are the least uniform-like combinations I could come up with.

If you're into the school girl theme, try some over-the-knee socks to jump the idea of regular knee socks with a plaid skirt to the next level. A pop of color not already included in the plaid design also gains bonus points!

P.S. blouses don't always have to be worn as blouses... as long as they aren't fitted they can moonlight as a satin-y cardigan

shirt: forever xxi
blouse: burlington coat factory
necklaces: claire's
socks: target
sneakers: no name
(Shielding her eyes to my past)

For a grungier look

jacket: pac sun
shirt: buffalo exchange
necklace: kohl's
boots: free lance

And for the prep in us all

sweater: forever xxi
bracelets: forever xxi
tights: scarf:
boots: flea market steal

Stick it to that dress code you probably never got along with and prove that the worth of this skirt is so much more like this than it ever was with a polo or button down tucked into it. 

- nali xo

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