Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Green With Envy

Let's make sure colored shoes become a huge thing this fall, so much of a thing that wearing black or brown shoes will be scarce. There's nothing quite like preparing a whole outfit around a pair of kickass shoes and it's much easier to do when the shoes are making a statement through color. Simply find a color that matches or contrasts with the shoes and build your outfit from the ground up. Here are this week's #shoesdaytuesday pick.

Winter is quickly approaching, especially with these rapidly dropping temperatures and when I say winter, I mean boot season. Boots and booties go together with winter better than your favorite TV couple. These Free Lance booties are like chameleons, easily blending with any style outfit you feel describes you that day. Check out what Monica was feeling like being

shirt: marshall's
army button down: pac sun
leggings: burlington coat factory
headband: forever xxi

Casual outfit + awesome pair of bootie heels = tres magnifique! Subtle yet sophisticated; perfect mixture.

Colored heels doesn't mean you have to match colors of your outfit exactly to them. Be creative and as always, don't be afraid to mix patterns.

shirt: delia's
cardigan: audrey & grace
pants: tinsletown @ marshall's
necklace: buffalo exchange
headwrap: urban outfitters

Dressy heels with dressy clothes is, of course, always an option as well. An unstructured blazer with striped skinny jeans is sophisticated and comfortable.

pants: target
blazer: olive & oak
shirt: old navy
necklace: flea market find

Grab yourself some olive shoes today and you're sure to find everyone around you green with envy (;

- nali xo

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