Monday, November 4, 2013

Good Times Never Seemed So Good...

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for being the 2013 World Series Champions!

Although not a diehard baseball fan, being from Boston, I am so excited and proud of the Red Sox for persevering not only to win a championship, but also to stand by the slogan 'Boston Strong' and giving hope to the people of Massachusetts. Whether someone from around here loves sports or just condones them, professional sports teams stand for the connection amongst the community and how everyone comes together to root for something mutually. People have differences, but when that group of people comes together at the TD Garden or Fenway Park, none of those differences matter because at that moment in time they all have one major thing in common and are able to bond over it.

That being said, I know sports fan gear isn't the most fashionable clothing out there. And contrary to popular belief, girls (and boys) who care about how they look and dress are not immune to a love of sports.. the two are not mutually exclusive! Today's post is dedicated to the many struggling with how to express themselves in regulation fan gear.

#manicuremonday is dedicated to my home team for bringing home the gold. This manicure can easily be altered depending on team and sport by changing the colors and style of ball and jersey on one or more nails.

If you find yourself laying the same clothes out every time you have a sporting event (or World Series champs parade :) ) to go to, stop right now. Although it may not seem like it, jerseys and player tees can be used just like some of your other jackets or statement tees you dress up easily on a regular basis. You just need the right accessories and mindset.

leggings: pink @ victoria's secret
tube socks: modell's
jersey: mlb official
flannel: buffalo exchange
necklace: claire's
cap: sports authority
boots: sm @ sear's

skirt: one clothing @ marshall's
tee: modell's
collar: forever xxi
jacket: target
shoes: no name
tights: marshall's
bracelet: ale & ani

tee: fan store
shorts: urban outfitters
denim shirt: american eagle outfitters
hat: calvin klein @ marshall's
boots: wet seal
tights: jones new york

Don't let your personal style be triumphed by your love of sports.. this is one of the only situations you can have your cake and eat it too! Happy celebrating this week, Boston.

- nali xo

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