Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fashion AcaDEMIcs

Now that Halloween month is over, I'm back to spending my Wednesdays drooling over fashion icons and figuring out how to justly imitate their sense of style. Today, I happen to be drooling over Demi Lovato. 

Besides being talented and well-dressed, Demi has the it-factor everyone is dying for because of her ability to be 100% relatable to her fans. She has struggled with depression, self-harm and bulimia and has opened up about her battle so fans could understand and be inspired by her in their own trials. Demi may have gotten to where she is by being a 'Disney girl', but it's clear she has grown out of that image with class and now is a symbol of strength for teenagers and other age groups to overcome their personal monsters. 

Her style is very characteristic of the 'rocker' persona she now depicts through what she wears. In my opinion it seems she has three types of signature outfits:

The blazer & graphic tee combo

The sweater & shorts combo

Made in the USA theme

This is my way of pledging allegiance to Demi's one-of-a-kind sense of style

The blazer & graphic tee:

blazer: love culture
tee: ed sheeran official merchandise
pants: bdg @ urban outfitters
shoes: no name

Jacket & shorts with Demi-esque hair color top:

shirt: wet seal
jacket: sans soucy @ marshall's
shorts: vintage
tights: forever xxi
sneaks: converse
necklace: forever xxi

Sweater & shorts/Made in the USA:

shirt: bozzolo @ t.j.maxx
sleeveless sweater: mossimo @ target
shorts: forever xxi
boots: target
bracelets: forever xxi & h&m
necklace: macy's

Of course, if you want to completely snag her style, you'll have to get used to dyeing your hair...

A LOT (;

- nali xo

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