Friday, November 1, 2013


Before bra stuffing became a thing, women stuffed their shoulders. This was a subtle way to give the illusion of having broader and less hunched shoulders.  People used to care more about having fuller figures and less about showing off slender skin. I believe in that kind of message and think we should bring back those days. Shoulder pads weren't the best looking trend of the 80s but I think we can piggyback them in a way that's considered as attractive as they were back then.

Look how these women are using the trend 2013 style and rocking it

Here is what shoulder pads actually look like if they aren't already sewed into a sweater or other top. They look very similar to bathing suit top padding but a little thicker.

Here are the tops I've put them in to make my statement.

sweater: vintage
leggings: flea market
boots: sm @ sears
necklaces: buffalo exchange & claire's

Oversized sweaters are the easiest to poof up because they're usually pretty basic and can be dressed up easily.

(Although not easily visible, the sweater and jacket below do have shoulder pads in them. Add human for instant results)

sweater: vintage
scarf: kohl's
jeans: abercrombie & fitch
shoes: free lance

jacket: target
shirt: american eagle outfitters
jeans: bdg @ urban outfitters
sneakers: converse

Jackets and blazers are another option to stuff. Stuff generously but cautiously; you wouldn't want do too much and be mistaken as a football player.

Shoulder pads aren't necessarily reserved for dressy outfits. Test them out in whatever you decide to wear today and see how they work for you. You never know when you'll discover a new trend you love.

- nali xo

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