Monday, October 28, 2013

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The clock is ticking away and in less than three days we'll all (hopefully) be dressing up for Halloween! I have a last minute Halloween week #manicuremonday for you all to use or be inspired by!

You can do the candy corn nails, or the new 'bloody' trend, OR you can come up with something completely original drawn by your own hand. The nail art pen I've used for manis in past posts is great for any kind of design, as opposed to previously made decals that can't be changed. I drew up a classic creepy style for Halloween week: graveyard theme. 

One hand covered in cobwebs, the other reads R.I.P. Personalize this idea yourself, the spookier when the lights turn off the better. 

What better way to match graveyard nails than to pair a cobweb look alike sweater with neutral 'tomb color' tones? Here's my fall weather approved/tombstone inspired/manicure Monday outfit.

This time of year leg warmers are obviously a must.

button up: american eagle (mens)
sweater: guess
jeans: my pretty denim by cache cache
necklace: ralph lauren @ buffalo exchange
leg warmers: wet seal
shoes: candie's @ kohl's

Giant, shapeless sweaters may leave you stumped as to how to wear them. Instead of just layering the same white tank top underneath why not try a patterned button-up or a flannel next time you cozy into the knit holes.

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