Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cuter than ankle prison cuffs

Although all black attire and ankle bracelets call to mind something very illegal (which has been called into custody), I hope you won't look down in scorn on the classic look I pulled together for this week's #shoesdaytuesday. And as Neiman Marcus said, "Women who wear black lead colorful lives." So there is me justifying wearing only black to make these classic tan ankle flats pop. 

These Forever XXI gems are the perfect combination of 'easily matched with anything because of the color' and 'I've never seen anything like these, I can base an entire outfit around these.' Which is exactly what I did. When one wears all modest black clothing,  the outfit instead becomes about whatever else you wear that pops. In this situation, the shoes and spike necklace. Don't be afraid to make your own sweater dress with an oversized pullover. You'll be surprised how much the look transforms with tights.

sweater: vintage
tights: forever xxi
shoes: forever xxi
necklace: buffalo exchange

The suede pattern of the shoes also plays a role in why they look so good on the black lace. Suede shoes must be paired carefully because in a situation where they are misused, those poor suede shoes may look tacky. For more tips on how to wear suede shoes, head to your nearest record store and pick up a copy of an Elvis Presley record. Blue Suede Shoes, particularly.

Note the penguin stripe on the back. (I just made that term up) Again, subtle, yet so interesting. Small design methods like these really change the flair of the shoe.

- nali xo

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