Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tell Me About it....

Have no fear, a classy way to wear studded flats is here!!!! I am a huge stud fan, particularly because I love having a little grunge in my outfit. But that's what I've found about studs; they're so hardcore and grunge-y that it's difficult to successfully pair them with nicer, more girly outfits. I hit the jackpot when I found my #shoesdaytuesday studs for this week because they can be worn in many different types of situations.  And guess where I got them. Go on, guess

If you guessed T.J.Maxx, go out and buy yourself a new pair of shoes as a celebration of your accomplishment. These shoes stole my heart because of the design and color of them (and price). I personally have only ever seen heels with this center strap design and the studs make the shoes dressier and more laid-back at the same time (as possible as that can be). My lovely friend Taylor modeled for me again today and this is what she wore

tights: forever xxi
shorts: levi's @ urban outfitters
shirt: forever xxi
necklace" francesca's

The good thing about these shoes is they're subtly pink enough that they don't stand out too much in a multicolor outfit and the style is classic enough that they compliment shorts, tights, dresses and pants equally as well.

cardigan: forever xxi
shirt: forever xxi
pants: vanilla star

side note: whoever decided corduroys were out please find a side exit to join your own lies. I don't even know if they're technically back "in" but I'm determined to sneak them back in so don't be afraid to do the same. Texture in an outfit is equivalent to a cheeky pattern, they're always welcome.

Although it's barely visible because of the darkness of my soul *i mean* clothes, dressy or regular Saturday night dresses look great with shoes like these and lacy or patterned tights allow for good contrast to the solid color of the shoes. If you do decide to go with patterned tights, try to stick to a specific color scheme because too many colors below the waist paired together can and will get ugly. I've found in my own experience that these shoes are banging with an all black outfit. I know all you studs out there want a pair so try to find some before all the other Maxxinistas beat you to it!

Happy walking/running/skipping/galloping/however you choose to get yourself from place to place today!

- nali xo

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