Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas: Week 2 of 4

Let's skip the "punny" intro for today and get right into the good stuff. 
As I said last week, I prefer homemade Halloween costumes for the originality and amount of money you save. The outfit I put together for this week's post is one of my favorite characters of all time.

I was one of the biggest Disney girls you could've ever come across so it's no surprise that to this day, Aladdin is one of my favorite movies. I never really noticed until recently how pro-feminism old Disney movies were and that makes grown-up me like them even more. Jasmine is a strong, independent woman who fights against laws forced on her in order for her to be happy (aka me when my dad tried to marry me off to undeserving princes, ugh).

This costume is simple because it can be created in many different ways. Here is how I chose to wear it

pants: american apparel @ buffalo exchange
shirt: italian flea market steal
necklace: kohl's
shoes: lower east side @ payless

Jasmine's key color is the aqua/green/blue in the ensemble she wears for the majority of the movie. Her pants are baggy and her top is cropped. If you can come across pants similar to the color she wears with any kind of bandeau/crop top, you're already halfway to Agrabah. The triple ponytail is a must. Any kind of Arabian-esque gold jewlery (preferably larger earrings and a shorter length necklace) with a gold headwrap finishes off your outfit and shoes should be simple gold flats. Voila! Halloween is sure to be an Arabian night.

I was looking on Pinterest at some of the creative Halloween costumes people make themselves, and here are some of the ones I was most impressed with for your viewing and inspirational pleasure.

The Hamburgler via Jessica Quirk

Frida Kahlo via

And for all you couples out there trying to find something good

Walter & Jesse from Breaking Bad via Rachel Jackson

French chef & croquembouche via

I hope you're all one step closer to finding your ideal Halloween costume! 

- nali xo

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