Monday, October 7, 2013

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Welcome to another wonderful week of school, work, schoolwork, or constant napping (whichever lifestyle you lead). I missed you all terribly during the weekend :)

If anyone had any super outfit or part of an outfit they wore over the weekend and want to share it with me, post your photo on instagram and tag me (@goodbetterdressed) and I'll decide which is my favorite and post it. We can all have some fun playing games and stuff. 

I've been in quite the October-y mood lately, although I can't say the same about this Boston weather. If only Mother Nature would coordinate with my fall wardrobe I'd have nothing to complain about (ha).  Staying true to my fall-like mood while somewhat cooperating with 75 degree days, my (very photogenic) friend, Taylor and I put together this fall oriented/ warm weather-approved manicure monday-accompanying outfit. Here's the mani I chose to play around with on this lovely October day:

Nothing says October quite like a pumpkin and no season has been rung in properly without a manicure to honor it. Although in a very minimalist and less-than-obvious way of showing it, my hand is the new home of the world's smallest pumpkin patch. Halloween/fall nails are probably the most fun to create and the month of October holds a series of kooky/scary/tricky/treaty nails for Good Better Dressed. Here is what Taylor and I selected


shirt: bob's clothing
pants: one clothing @ marshall's
necklace: forever xxi
bracelet: francesca's
shoes: nine west

I'm so into the shirt tie being worn backwards versus the way it was meant to be worn. Taylor says she wears it that way because of convenience, but this tactless choice is pointedly chic. For more HallOctoberween inspired manicures, check back in next Monday to see what boo-tiful thing I do next (sorry, I had to do it) ((when life gives you the opportunity to make a pun make it))

- nali xo

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