Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Countdown to Halloween: Week One

It's that time of year again! October is once again upon us and the clock is ticking fast on your time to find the perfect Halloween costume. I'm personally not a huge fan of chain Halloween stores because A. the costumes are way overpriced (ain't nobody got money for that) and B. 90% of the time, you wind up wearing the same costume as at least two people you know. I HAVE A FIX FOR THIS!!!

1. Go ahead and go to your local Party City or Spirit Halloween and see what kinds of costumes are popular this year
2. Decide what kind of character you want to embody (funny, scary, sexy etc.)

Once you've picked a person/animal/undead body

1. Figure out their style or signature outfit
2. Put the costume together yourself!
You'll save tons of money and your costume will actually look original in a crowd of nurses and lingerie animals

Last Halloween I was pressed for time and luckily got almost my entire costume from H&M. Anyone familiar with this gal?

When Last Friday Night came out (before it was overplayed) it was my official trademarked JAM. Anytime it came on the radio I went crazy and I've seen this music video about 1000 times approximately. It was a no-brainer to suit up as 80s-style neon party Katy Perry. The outfit is so easy to put together and has immediate recognition response from people around you because of the unmistakable color scheme that is original to the music video. Here's what you need:

shirt: h&m
skirt: h&m
belt: wet seal
earrings: wet seal
blue shoe: deb
pink shoe: forever xxi

The final product, however you choose to wear it, will make you much happier than a $50 plastic dress you'll never wear again. You are welcome.

If you listen to anything I say in this post let it be this: If you decide to dress up like Katy Perry this year, do not I repeat DO NOT wear two heels of completely different heights. Save yourself the agony and don't make my foolish mistakes.

- nali xo

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