Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Atreto-laptop: A Short Story by Me Part 2

Atreto- : lacking an opening to ((I looked this up on a doctor terminology website I'm probably using it in the wrong way)) 

As I continue to struggle through this terrible time of not having a laptop I thank all of you who are standing by me. I know this time will eventually pass but as I'm sure some of you unfortunately know, there is nothing that can take the place of a beloved laptop. However I am extremely lucky that I discovered a way to change the format of my photographs in camera so you lucky ducks will be able to see my ootd pictures via my Y2K desktop computer.

It's Tuesday!! For my shoesday pick of the week I chose my cherished Free Lance over-the-knee riding boots. And what better way to welcome in the fall and boot weather but to go riding in my riding boots? My family and I traveled to Bobby's Ranch in Acton over the weekend and were lucky enough to make some adorable (and very furry) new friends.

 All the farm animals were so friendly that most of them weren't even kept in a stable or pen. The whole farm was full of free roosters, ducks, goats and kittens. All beautiful animals I might add.


This was the very well-mannered horse I had the honor of riding. He was quite modestly named Booger.

  This little guy's name is Honey

And here are the stars of the show.

In the spirit of farming and horseback riding and such, I had to be sure to be comfortable. But you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for comfort. I paired these vintage Express high rise jeans with a basic Marshall's deep blue knit sweater for a poppy and somewhat earthy color scheme. 

Here are ways to wear riding boots when comfort isn't a first concern.

dress: marshall's
tights: forever xxi
earrings: claire's
headwrap: claire's
lipstick:  rimmel london moisture renew #560: as you want victoria

leg warmers: target
skirt: forever xxi
button-down: american eagle
scarf: target
bracelet: ralph lauren @ buffalo exchange

Welcome October right and treat yourself to a new pair of boots. Visit www.freelance.fr if you like the style of my boots and want to see more.

- nali xo

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