Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Thrift Find!

nali·rucci [nah-lee-roo-chee; Italian
1. Nickname of 'goodbetterdressed' blogger
2. Avid toaster strudel eater
3. Professional sleeper
4. Semi-professional thrift shopper

The dictionary doesn't lie ^^^

HA if only. Until my semi professional status becomes officially ordained I make use of my time spending all my shopping money on clothes that were previously worn as attire during other people's memories. My favorite thrift/consignment store right now is Buffalo Exchange. It's perfect for regular thrifters as well as people who aren't as comfortable buying used clothing because the store has a filtering system when accepting clothing that accepts fashionable and name brand items. To learn more about Buffalo Exchange or to find a location visit for thrift finds of your own! Here's my favorite item I found there this week:

tank: h&m
blazer: rue 21 @ marshall's
skirt: 21 trachic clothing & accessories @ buffalo exchange
boots: wet seal

 I know this skirt seems a little random and many people would probably not even think twice when seeing it on a rack but it was the only thing on the rack I saw that actually stood out and I have a thing for that. It also instantly reminded me of something one of these lovely ladies would wear so I loved it even more.

 This was my first instinct on how to wear it, very grunge. 

 And then I played with more subtle ways to wear it

sweater: h&m
boots: sears
earrings: buffalo exchange

lace shirt: eyeshadow @ marshalls
cardigan: piazza italia
shoes: lower east side @ pay less

denim button up: american eagle
shoes: no name

Go out and spice up your life!

- nali xo

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