Friday, September 20, 2013


Congratulations to each and every one of you for making it through another week.. it's Friday!!! And according to instagram, it's also #flashbackfriday

If I could've chosen any other era to live in besides the one I do I would 1000% choose the 80s. The music, the rebellious teenage years and most of all, the fashion. One of my favorite trends from the 80s was the leather trend. As always, trends change and then revert back and leather is one of those trends that has come back in our fashion circulation.

Some of the biggest fashion icons of the 80s were team leather. It's so funny to see how much one specific style can change so much over the course of 30 years. Here's my tribute to current day leather

tank: miley cyrus & max azria @ walmart
sweater: forever xxi
shorts: divided @ buffalo exchange
sneakers: converse

 jacket: young and reckless @ pac sun
shirt: forever xxi
scarf: honey
pants: target

shirt: rolla coaster @ t.j.maxx
skirt: one clothing @ t.j.maxx
leg warmers: target
shoes: no name
necklaces: forever xxi
earrings: claire's

Now go out and enjoy the leather!

- nali xo

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