Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Breakfast Wrap

"Eat. My. Shorts." 

If you don't recognize that quote off the top of your head please open a new tab immediately and google it so you can pretend you were in the club from the beginning.

Now that we're all on the same page I'd like to take a minute to appreciate the masterpiece that is The Breakfast Club in a collage that I found on google.

This movie has been and will always be timeless, not because of the fashion and trends seen in the movie but because of the underlying message that everyone leads their own secret life behind closed doors. As difficult as it is to see that in high school, kids should learn to give each other a break and remember we're all here for the same reason. 

On another note, the clothing in this movie, although perfect for the time period and specific group of people it is dressing, would not normally be worn out now on any other day. I took inspiration from this movie and mentally updated my favorite character's look for myself.

 John Bender Official Resume: 
- Able to light a match with his teeth
- Has a bad influence on anyone he speaks to
- The voice of reason of the breakfast club
- Acts as comic relief
- Certified badass

Anyone as enamored with this movie as me who says they didn't have a crush on old Bender is either delusional or lying. Here is my way of showing appreciation for the high school "criminal"

The easiest way to spin off a character's style for your own is to take main patterns or colors, (in this case, plaid and denim) match them with similar or neutral colors to the rest of the character's outfit and finish off your look with your own personal touches. I chose a bow :)

Lace shirt: monteau @marshall's
denim shirt: american eagle
leather shorts: divided @ forever xxi
necklace: ralph lauren @ buffalo exchange
plaid flannel: cpo @ buffalo exchange
bow: forever xxi
boots: sm @ sears

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to eat breakfast today (;

- nali xo

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